Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Visit to the Auckland Zoo

Hmmm .. wax in ears...

AND smelly armpits ....

There there - - Don't cry !!

Maybe I should find another lot to hang out with.

Zen Buddhism - that's the story - just contemplate


Cottontop Tamarin


Who're you lookin' at - Lemme eat in peace

Brolga chick - two days old.

Ringtailed Lemur

Streeeetch - sooo relaxing.

Red Panda

He went thataway....

Follow the Leader - who started this stupid game, anyway ?

Underwater grace

Kea - capable of killing a sheep, but very mischieveous

Otago Skink


A very colourful duck - lookls as though colour oversaturated, but that's the way it is

Golden Lion Tamarin


Beautiful, but so very bored.

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