Sunday, September 25, 2016

A visit to the Howick Historic Village, Auckland.

No supermarkets then - grow it or go without.

The person shows how tiny some huts were.

Water for the horses and stock was essential, but sometimes very difficult.

The "Smithy" was an important man - a Jack-of-all-trades in the 'fixing business.

I went to schools like this in the 30's. No desks. No pencils and paper, just slates.

Another essential. We had to make all our own butter in a churn just like this.

A VERY posh child's room - luxury !!

Dark wallpaper, dark carpet, dark stairwell - typical. No bright colours then.

No flat tyres, No battery problems. Good economy - quite a few miles/bale of hay

The Fencibles were an important part of our history.

One of the worst things that happened in NZ - the import of rabbits (and gorse) from the UK. They have cost the country billions of dollars in damage and failed cleanups.

In beer - happiness. In water - ecoli.

We even beat the Aussies at beer making !!!! (As well as pavlova and Phar Lap).

Nice touch.