Monday, June 25, 2012


Slight showers, but still a nice walk, with the occasional photo

Some showed the raindrops
others just looked bedraggled

But the ducks loved it !!

Moss & lichen on nearly all the trees - very damp 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ardmore Warbirds Show

3rd June, 2012 - a cold, wet, windy day - but enjoyed by all

A variety of choppers from the tiny to the large
High winds made takeoffs awkward for the light ones
A few jets around
But not many
Some sedate

Some trying to pull wings off

Takeoff Twins
A little more cautious - winds were a bit higher

Granddaddy planes
Old Faithfuls

Trained many pilots

Many circuits and Bumps
Sleek little ones - definitely fun machines

Wouldn't be a show without smoke

Mainly up very high

But even from a distance, quite good

Had to have a low pass, so sent the baby down
Not all the beauty was in the air

As it was also an anniversary of D-Day, there was quite a large Military display plus a mock battle