Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Trip to the Snow

Set out early in the morning

Rising mists added beauty to the countryside

Ghostly trees

Webs glistening in the sun

Neat sunrise

Tiny townships well off the beaten track

Which we would not have found without the trusty Tomtom

Glossy supermarkets

"Different" architecture

Industrial parks

The landed gentry

No matter how poor - they all had air conditioning

Sometimes long waits at the traffic lights

We looked forward to the occasional passing lanes

The locals were curious
We explored a few side tracks

Some roads had seen better days
We diced with death.....

Waitanguru Falls

At last - - the Mountain - - but very little snow

The small areas available were crowded

Dad introduces daughter to the thrill of speed

And then - solo !!

Colourful flora in the snow
And more colours in the streams - 
from the Aluminium and Iron in the water