Friday, December 21, 2012

A trip around East Cape

We explored many places off the beaten track - and some tracks were pretty basic

But others were quite beautiful and restful - good for the soul.

Even in the odd shower, there was beauty to be seen

Waterfalls were tucked away in all sorts of remote places

The trees had been there quite a while

Even growing out of solid rock - one would wonder how they survived.

Roadside pools reflecting the surrounding shrubbery

Or the manmade structures - which were remarkably in good order considering the negligible population

The wildlife were tolerant of humans, since they would see so few, and kept an eye on us.

Some areas had masses of gorse. Pretty, but awfully illegal

Stayed on a variety of Motels. This one at Tolaga Bay was VERY informal - neat !!

Decided not to stay at this one - dining room below standard .........

As you can guess, have always been fascinated by old abandoned houses

And another one

Not only were the houses old - this was part of the Tolaga Bay jetty

BUT - it looked MUCH better at 5 a.m. in the morning.

This 660 metre long jetty, the longest in New Zealand, is being restored, which is a great effort for a town of only 600 people.

Other jetties around the Cape were not so well preserved, but great for photographers !!

Tiny settlements dotted around the Cape reached by narrow twisting roads through interminable hills, but each one with miles of stunning beaches

Summer, yet not a soul in sight.  Imagine this in Hong Kong !!!!

Total solitude. Brilliant.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Visit to the Gannets at Cape Kidnappers

"Who do you think YOU are?"

Mile High club ??

These birds have a wingspan up to 2 metres

Most of the males were bringing in seaweed from the ocean to build nests

Off for another load

"Ain't I pretty!!"

Take off into the wind

Most of the nests were blown away in a recent storm, so all starting from scratch again


"Discussing" nesting space

Ritual dance

Quite beautiful, and unconcerned by the onlookers


"Thanks, sweetie"

"I love you, too"

Even with a load - graceful

Speed fiend

Monday, November 26, 2012

Odd stuff

Dandelion head after rain

Individual seed stalks on dandelion head

Raindrops add another dimension to flowers

Magnolia bloom

Lone buttercup

The glory of an early morning by the mountains

Leap of faith - vertical panning of a skateboarder

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Model T cars

On Wednesday 7th November about three dozen Model T Ford cars assembled at Motat after completing a journey from Wellington to Auckland.  The Model T was manufactured from September 1908 until October 1927.

A 'Before' and 'After'
The conditions for photography were not ideal, due to the cluttered backdrops, but a bit of "rescue" work at the computer helped sort that out.

This was part of the permanent display at Motat - a 1903 Model A Ford.






1912 As you can see, many models were produced to suit pockets and needs each year














Basic controls and instruments

Beautiful interiors and the heart of the ignition

An essential - the temperature guage